LED Tunnel Light COC QT60JC0820-YC Series





  • Unique Chip on Ceramic design (COC)
  • Twin Structure Design, double chip mounted on a single
    ceramic with individual optical lens design. Each chip mounted has an individual CCT giving flexibility for on the spot color temperature adjustment. The CCT of each tunnel light can be adjusted from 3000K to 6500K to better suit the surrounding environment
  • Stand-alone Heat Sink enables extraordinary heat dissipation capability
  • Air convection reduces wind load resistance and enhances overall thermal management
  • High efficacy provides higher brightness per watt of usage
  • High Lumen Maintenance assures a longer lasting
  • Modular LED panels are replaceable. Modular panels can
    be upgraded without changing the fixtures
  • Includes an Intelligent control system to adjust CCT and light dimming function




  • Tunnel Lighting
  • Metro Lighting


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