LED Post Top Bulb QP60BC820-PT





  • Extraordinary heat dissipation through its proprietary ceramic thermal management design
  • High Efficacy provides higher brightness per watt of usage
  • High Lumen Maintenance assures a longer lasting luminance
  • The whole light is made with aluminium alloy making it light and simple
  • Modular design: the light source is composed of light modules, distributing uniform light
  • Spacing between each two modules, and several vent holes on the cover allow airflow to access and enhance convection cooling effect to decrease the chip junction temperature and to increase service life
  • The driver power supply is installed under the cooling modules, avoiding the heat from the cooling modules. In this way, the driver power supply can work in lower temperature and the light has longer service life
  • The base of the light are E39, E27, E26. It is convenient to install




  • Outdoor lighting: parks, communities, etc
  • Residential
  • Commercial


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